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Hydraulic quick release socket screw type



Hydraulic quick release socket screw type to quick release sockets for hydraulic wires and hydraulic outputs in different types of machines and devices that use hydraulics. Quick release plug screw types are used in very severe operating conditions and where the required pressure is high, the ability to connect under pressure and reliability. Quick release plug screw types are designed for the highest pressure (1200 bar) and heavy-duty - a CEJN 230, FASTER PVVM, Enerpac C-604, PARKER 3000, VVS made ​​of steel or stainless steel. They are used to the tools, hydraulic hand pumps, cylinders , lifts, testing systems and equipment for pressure testing, marine equipment, rescue equipment. and in the steel industry.



M16 x 1,5 with an external thread - 25 PLN
M18 x 1,5 with an external thread - 25 PLN
M22 x 1,5 with an external thread - 25 PLN

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